– Dinner Menu –





양념 치킨 crispy spicy yang-yum chicken wings 9.

교자 beef gyoza 11.

야채 파전 zucchini, perilla leaf scallion pancake 12.

빈대떡 mungbean kimchi pancake 10.

군 굴 grilled oysters seaweed butter, brioche toast 18.

가리비 튀김 fried scallops with corn tartare sauce 12.

가자미회  fluke crudo, pickled ramps, serrano pepper olive oil  14.

떡볶이 saucy and spicy rice cake fundido, chorizo 14.

잡채 sautéed glass noodles in sesame 12.

돼지갈비 tender braised pork ribs 15.


워러크래스 사라다 watercress endive avocado, apple-vinaigrette 12.

상추겉절이 baby lettuce, spicy perilla seed dressing 9.

열무 김치국수  young summer kimchi, somen noodles, arugula, egg 14.


고등어 구이 - 조림 mackerel grilled or braised 24.

생선전 white fish filets, light scallion-egg batter 21.

도라데  whole daurade, “scallion-chili salsa”, baby cilantro 34.

군 양념 대구  pan-sauté sablefish simmered in soy-garlic, shiitake mushrooms 29. 

두부 조림 braised tofu, chili sauce 16.

닭튀김 “dok suni’s jalapeño chicken” fried batter drizzled with spicy homemade sauce 18.  

해물 찜  haenyeo’s spicy bouillabaisse - cod fish, blue crabs mussels, clams, shrimp, rice cakes  29.

• side of grilled ciabatta, seaweed butter 4.

불고기   thinly sliced rib eye beef barbecue ssam, lettuce wraps  29.

왕갈비 boneless beef short rib barbecue, ssam, lettuce wraps 34.

돼지불고기 spicy thin slices of pork barbecue with ssam 28.


비빔밥 두부, 고기, 오징어 rice hot pot topped with vegetables, egg, choice of tofu, beef or spicy squid 19.

회덮밥 spicy cured cod roe, tuna sashimi, perilla bibimbap 27.


순두부 spicy soft tofu seafood stew 16.

김치 찌개 spicy kimchi stew, pork belly 16.

된장찌개 hearty miso stew, beef and clams 16.

만두떡국  dumplings, rice cake in beef broth, egg  16.   


sugar dusted beignets 8.

warm flourless chocolate cake 9.

sesame creme brûlée 9.